Low Cost Cremation in Yonkers New York

Direct Cremation Yonkers New York

Direct cremation, also called a simple cremation, and referred to as by some of the people we have assisted as the “no-frills cremation” is the least expensive service option that can be arranged by someone with a Funeral Home.  Simply put, the remains are transferred from the place of death, sheltered by Yonkers Funeral Home – Bryn Mawr Chapels while our staff prepares the forms required such as a signature from a doctor on a death certificate and registering the death with the appropriate authority, also providing the deceased’s family or legal representative all necessary consumer disclosures and authorizations.  The body is then remitted to the crematory, usually on the grounds of area cemeteries, and following the completion of the cremation process, the ashes (or “Cremains’) are returned to the individual who arranged the service, or a party he or she may designate.

Basic Direct Cremation Service Charge: $1195.00

Our basic low-cost Yonkers New York Cremation service option includes the following:

  1. Placing the deceased into our care when a death happens in a Hospital or Nursing Home, or a response to a Medical Examiner facility in our local service area of Yonkers or Westchester County, also The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. Transport is facilitated by a Licensed Funeral Director, required by New York State Health Laws in a vehicle such as a late-model SUV or Mini-Van appropriate to the dimensions of the equipment needed by our staff including a mortuary gurney or stretcher. There may be an additional fee for service  if we need to travel beyond our basic service area such as to Rockland, Putnam or Dutchess Counties in the Hudson Valley Region, or  Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island.
  2. 24-Hour on-call availability and basic Funeral Home care and sheltering of the body in a temperature-controlled environment long enough for us to obtain signed documentation from the person in charge of the deceased’s affairs, obtaining a death certificate from a physician or health care facility along with presentation to a municipal clerk, and scheduling of the cremation with a crematory.  Embalming is NOT REQUIRED when arranging a Direct Cremation, but if you wish, the body may be bathed and dressed prior to delivery to the crematory.  You may discuss your concerns for preparation with our arrangement counselor.
  3. Providing the party in charge with all necessary consumer price disclosures and authorization forms.  You may choose to meet with our Licensed Funeral Director in person, at the Funeral Home, or receive these documents via e-mail, fax, or carrier such as UPS, FedEx or the US Postal Service.
  4. Cardboard alternative container.  The crematory facility requires that a body of a deceased be tendered to them in a rigid container protecting the identity of deceased along with the health and safety of the crematory operation personnel.  The alternative container is of a simple design, constructed of cardboard, and is cremated along with the body.  It is not lined, or contain an interior or pillow compared to a traditional casket.
  5. Transit of the body, in the alternative container from our location in Yonkers to the crematory and accompanied by a Licensed Funeral Director in accordance with New York State Health Regulations.  The vehicle is a late model SUV or Mini-Van suitable to the dimensions of the alternative container. A hearse or traditional Funeral Coach vehicle is available and may be selected by you, at an additional cost.  Please notify us if you wish to purchase the use of the traditional vehicle when finalizing service arrangements with Bryn Mawr Chapels.

Additional Fees that MUST be added to the above:

  1. Crematory Fee:  $492.00. Ferncliff Cemetery, Hartsdale New York.  For the actual cremation of the body.  Remember, we DO NOT operate the crematory equipment on our premises.  Therefore this process must be performed by a crematory.  The crematory cannot act as a Licensed Funeral Director, and cannot perform the tasks listed above.
  2. Cremation Permit: $20.00 if a death occurs in Yonkers or any region of New York State except New York City.  $40.00 if a death occurs in New York City.  This is the permit issued to Yonkers Funeral Home – Bryn Mawr Chapels by the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene or a local registrar of Vital Statistics for the cremation.  It accompanies the deceased to the crematory and the crematory will not perform the cremation unless presented with a valid permit to do so.
  3. Copies of the Death Certificate: $10.00 each for a death in any part of New York State beyond New York City, $15.00 each plus a shipping and handle fee of $23.75 when the death takes place in New York City.  These copies may be referred to as a “Certified Copy” of the death certificate and bears the official seal of the municipal entity where the person passed away.  These copies are legally recognized and used to transact business on behalf of the deceased such as life insurance claims, financial and estate matters, probating of a will, social security benefits, or the transfer of real property.  The number of copies require will be determined by the number of assets the person had.
  4. Gratuities: $10.00.  Covers tolls, parking fees, and gratuities to hospital and crematory staff for their assistance.

The average cost of a New York direct cremation service arranged thru Yonkers Funeral Home – Bryn Mawr Chapels, Inc. is $1747.00 ]Yonkers or Westchester County Death and $1805.75 when we are asked to provide services to a New York City  facility.  The above charges reflect our Direct Cremation Service Charge, Crematory Fee, Cremation Permit, Two Certified Copies of the Death Certificate, Gratuity, and New York City Fee for the Shipping and Handling of the Death Certificate Copies.  Click here to download our most recent General Price List (GPL) and direct cremation pricing flyer.

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