Funeral & Cremation Pre Planning in Yonkers, New York

Funeral Pre Planning 101

More and more, Yonkers Funeral Home-Bryn Mawr Chapels is engaging with clients who wish to pre plan their funeral or cremation service.  Frequently, we are also contacted by a family member or caregiver because someone is applying for Medicaid benefits upon entering a long term care or geriatric facility and required to “spend-down” assets to comply with the Medicaid law.  By planning in advance of a death, the wishes of all parties involved can be discussed and finalized in an orderly, calm manner.  Many times in the Funeral Home, we receive frantic calls from people who have experienced a loss – unexpected or otherwise, and suddenly find themselves in charge of the deceased’s arrangements with no pre plan in place – this leaves them with a lot of unanswered questions.  What do I do? How do I do it? What is this going to cost me? are some of the questions we hear, usually in a tone of panic.  All these issues can be discussed and prepared for ahead of time without fear or worry.  Yonkers Funeral Home-Bryn Mawr Chapels is happy to speak with you regarding these matters, and we will be happy to address any questions or concerns based on our vast professional experience.

How Pre Planning Works

An appointment is scheduled at the Funeral Home and you will meet with our Funeral Director.  The Funeral Director will ask you some basic questions which will be needed at the time we render the service to perform such tasks as completing the certificate of death, obituary placement, and engaging a cemetery to open a burial space, mausoleum or crypt, or niche.  We ask that you have on hand the following information:

  • Your Name, home address and telephone number, and your relationship to the party being planned for, if not for yourself
  • Date and Place of Birth
  • Social Security Number, Occupation and Name of Last Employer
  • Veteran’s information, if any, and military discharge documents such as the DD-214
  • Parent’s names including mother’s maiden name, if available
  • Name, address and telephone number of party responsible for you upon your death.  This is usually a Spouse or Domestic Partner, child or grandchild, niece or nephew, close friend or neighbor, executor of your estate or designated funeral agent.  This party will need to be available and willing to execute the necessary authorizations at the time of the death so that we may fulfill our obligations

Now that we have some information, let’s continue.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want? Burial? Cremation?  What cemetery will be used? Where do I want the ashes to be placed?
  • Will their be a visitation or “wake” at the Funeral Home?  What about a memorial service or gathering including life celebration?
  • Will the casket be open or closed?  What about an Urn?  Do I even want a casket, or Urn?
  • Who will officiate the service?  Do I have a Priest, Minister, Rabbi, or Imam?  Do I want a Funeral Celebrant or Close Friend to say a few words?
  • Where will the service be? Can I use my Church or House of Worship? The Funeral Home? A park or other neutral space?
  • Is there a possibility a death may occur in a different state?  Will the Funeral Home need to make necessary arrangements to return me here?
  • What will the obituary say?

Once we address those concerns, we can build an arrangement suitable to you and all parties involved.  Everyone likes to be included in decision-making, especially where large purchases are involved.  At this point pricing will be discussed along with the selection of funeral merchandise such as an urn, coffin or casket.  We will also estimate third party charges such as the crematory fee or cemetery charge to open and close the burial space or mausoleum.  You will receive an itemization of all the costs involved from our Funeral Director.

Pre Planning And Payment

Clients may elect to pay in advance for their funeral or cremation service with Yonkers Funeral Home-Bryn Mawr Chapels.  Payment may be made in full, or over a set amount of time, at a schedule convenient to the Purchaser.  Pre-payment of services is not insurance.   Funds are placed into a trust account that is FDIC insured and interest-bearing, and withdrawn upon the passing of the beneficiary by the Funeral Home.  Any interest that builds in this account over time is meant to offset any rise in funeral related costs that may occur over time.  The escrowed funds are transferable to another funeral establishment along with any accrued interest at any time should you move or another Funeral Director be chosen.  Funds held in trust for services may also be returned at any time, along with interest so as long as the beneficiary is not a Medicaid recipient.  These monies may be transferred to another Funeral Home if a Medicaid recipient decides to do so, however, a refund is not permitted by law. There are no penalties for a full withdrawal or transfer to a different funeral home.